Your hobby

Everyone has a hobby. For some it`s singing, some like to make something, some like sports. Everyone likes something different. However, there are also such hobbies that are considered very special among lifts – such an example of a hobby can be shooting at a shooting range. Many people condemn this hobby, even though there is no reason at all to condemn this hobby. It`s a hobby like any other – but still a lot of people can`t understand it – despite the fact that we live in the 21st century.


People may like shooting at a shooting range, for example, because when they have some long-term stress (whether from work or anything else), the moment they come to the shooting range, that stress is broken down by having their brains focus on the target. (thus to hit the black box) and so they do not have time for sadness or depression when shooting. If they don`t threaten anyone else by shooting, I see no reason why they can`t shoot and why you should condemn them for it. Some people have been shooting at the shooting range for many years and enjoy it because they can relax and relax when shooting.


They forget about stress. And when they get angry, they discharge it on the target (the stress disappears by itself), they feel better and that`s how shooting works. If, for example, you are thinking of trying to shoot and you are afraid to go for it, you don`t have to worry at all. It`s just about being able to step out of your comfort zone that you experience every day (stepping out of your comfort zone means change, doing something unusual, something you don`t normally do). But by stepping out of your comfort zone, you also overcome your fear and learn that you don`t always have to worry about everything. It is important to trust. And if you like shooting, try to keep improving in this hobby and try not to listen to others. They have nothing to say to you, it`s none of their business.

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